At Playwire, we constantly strive to develop new ways for Video Publishers to monetize their video content while providing the best user experience. Every video view is a new revenue opportunity to serve multiple ad impressions. Pre-roll and mid-roll video ads, 300×250 display banner ads and overlay ads are at your disposal to generate revenue.

Pre-Roll Video Ads

Pre-Roll video ads play before video content and last either 15 or 30 seconds. Playwire’s proprietary ad selection technology will play a targeted ad for viewers but if an ad network fails to return an ad, a 300×250 Display Ad will be shown to the user.

300×250 Display Ads:

A 300×250 Display Ad is a standards compliant static display ad. 300×250 Ads are only shown to viewers if ad networks fail to return ads. Instead of wasting an opportunity to generate revenue, Playwire selects an ad for your viewers.

Overlay Ads:

An Overlay Ad is a standards compliant media element that “floats” above the video content. Overlay Ads appear after video content plays for 15 seconds at which point viewers have the option to close them. Overlay Ads will automatically disappear after 45 seconds.

Mid-Roll Video Ads

Mid-Roll video ads play during video content. They are triggered by cue-points that are automatically generated along the timeline. By default, cue-points are every 7 minutes but you are able to adjust the time in between cue-points. Similar to Pre-Roll, if an ad is not returned by an ad network, a 300×250 Display Ad will be displayed.

Daisy Chaining

When we request a video ad from an ad network, our proprietary daisy chainging technology keeps searching for ad opportunities even when an ad network fails to have inventory. The process works as follows:

  • The user hits play on a video
  • a request is sent to an ad network
  • If there is inventory from that ad server – the user will see an ad
  • If there is no inventory – our backfill technology will make 2 more requests for ads
  • The user will see an ad if there is inventory
  • A 300×250 ad will display if no ads are available

Supported Ad Standards

Our preroll and midroll video ads can be delivered as VAST (up to 3.0) or VPAID (2.0), the two most common video ad standards from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). These standards describe ad creative to play, where clicks should be passed, and what tracking should take place on the ad. Our player then chooses the most appropriate ad creative to play from the options presented, based on the device and browser being used, then plays the ad and executes any needed tracking. Increasing numbers of advertisers are moving away from Flash-based VPAID creative to Javascript-based VPAID. Our video player fully supports both Flash- and Javascript-based VPAID.

Ad Unit Live Demo:

  • After the user presses play, Pre-Roll plays
  • The video content will start to play
  • Around 20 seconds, an overlay ad will appear
  • The video content will resume playing
  • At the 1:00 mark, Mid-Roll plays
  • The video content will resume playing
  • A Post-Roll ad plays at the end of the video
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