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Playwire makes it easy to upload videos, encode them in multiple formats, and embed the videos in your websites quickly. Follow these steps to upload your videos to your Playwire.com account.
  • Log into your Playwire.com account
  • Click “Videos” from the left navigation
  • In the submenu that opens up, click “Upload New Video”

Select a Video File:

There are two basic methods for uploading videos to Playwire.
  • From your computer – If you are uploading from your computer, either drag the video file onto the “Drag and drop…” box, or click the box and locate the video file on your computer
  • Upload from a URL – If you are uploading from a remote URL, instead enter that URL into the “Or Enter a Video URL” box
Check out the Advanced Upload Options for more flexibility with uploading videos.

Enter Video Info:

Every video requires a title and category in order to be uploaded to the Playwire platform. You can make your videos easier to search for and organize by entering a detailed description and tags.
  • Share Button – Enables social sharing features in the video player
  • Related Videos – After your video finishes playing, suggest other similar videos to the viewer
  • Embed Code – Offer a code to viewers to let them embed your video on their sites
  • Share Button – Enables social sharing features in the video player
  • Age Gate – An Adult Verification System for mature content
  • Show Watermark – An image to show in the lower right with your branding
  • Sandbox Sharing – Allow your video to be shared in Playwire Sandbox
  • Player Dimensions – The size of your Video Player
  • Standard – 640×480 Widescreen – 853×480 Responsive – The Video Player will resize to fit any size Custom – Your own custom size
Playwire allows you to organize your videos into playlists; you can then put a whole list of videos into a page, and your viewers can play them all.
  • Assign your video to a Playlist by selecting a Playlist from the dropdown menu. For more help with Playlists, click here

Click “Upload”:

After you click the “Upload” button, your video will begin transferring to Playwire where it will be encoded for desktop and mobile.
  • Once the video has completed the upload process, you will see a “Completed” message appear in the lower right corner and a link to your video will appear in the lower left corner
  • Note that it will take a few minutes to encode your video after uploading completes, and particularly large videos may take a bit longer
  • You are free to start uploading another video while your video is being uploaded; to do so, just scroll to the top of the page and start over

Advanced Options for Uploading Videos

Bulk Upload (CSV/MRSS File) – You can upload either a CSV file or an MRSS file, but you will need to follow our format. We suggest that you upload no more than 10 videos at a time.
Upload from the Playwire API – Are you a developer who needs more flexibility? There are many options available for uploading/retrieving videos, playlists and users via the Playwire Platform API.
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