Go to Integration Section:

  • Log in to your Playwire account
  • Click “Customize Player” from the top nav
  • Click the “Integration” tab to expose the YouTube credentials section
  • Click “Link with YouTube” from the YouTube Credentials section and proceed to Step 2

Link YouTube Account:

  • After clicking “Link with YouTube”, a pop up will appear prompting you to log into your Google Account or if are already logged into your Google account you will see the permissions pop up instead of the login screen
  • Click “Allow” once you are logged into the Google account associated with your YouTube account
  • Under the “YouTube Credentials” section, you should now see “Logged in as YOUREMAILADDRESS@gmail.com” which indicates you have successfully linked your YouTube account with your Playwire account

Enable YouTube Sync:

  • If you want every video you upload to Playwire to sync with YouTube, make sure that “YouTube Sync” is checked in the Customize Player section under integration.
  • If you want more control over which videos are synced with YouTube, leave “YouTube Sync” unchecked when uploading individual videos to your Playwire account
  • As a reminder, by default, when “YouTube Sync” is checked in the Customize Player section, every video you upload to Playwire will be synced with YouTube
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