What is an API?

An API is an easy way for developers to interact with web platforms and services across the internet. Our API enables developers to interface directly with the Playwire Platform via code to accomplish tasks such as:
  • Get videos from a Publisher
  • Create, update and delete videos
  • Get playlists from a particular publisher
  • Interact with the Playwire Sandbox

Find Your API Token:

To get started, you will need some programming experience and an understanding of how to interact with an API. You will also need to find your API Token located in the Playwire Dashboard.
  • Click the “Account” menu on the top right
  • Click “Edit User” from the dropdown (A)
  • Click the “Details” tab (B)
  • Your “API Token” should appear as a long string of letters and numbers (C)
  • Copy and paste your API Token in a safe and secure location

Make a Test API Call:

  • Visit our API Explorer page or use the API Client* of your choice
  • Find the API Endpoint you want to use. For our example, we will be using the “/videos/count.json” API Endpoint
  • Paste your API token into either the “Intergi-Access-Token” or “token” field
  • Click the “Try it out!” button
  • If you enter an invalid API Token, you will receive a 401 Response Code
  • If you enter a valid API Token, you will receive a 200 Response Code and a Response Body showing the count of how many videos have been uploaded to your account
API Client*

Use your browser, an API Client such as Postman or the Playwire API Explorer to make requests with the programming language of your choice using the examples below to make calls to our API.

Simple Code Examples

Follow the code examples below to make a simple HTTP request to our API with the programming language you are most comfortable with. When you are done looking over example, scroll down to the API Explorer to more advanced information about the Playwire Platform API.

Using the Playwire API Explorer

Click the operation of your choice to explore it’s model and model schema. There is also a built in API Client in each operation to make test API calls with your API Token. GET, POST, PUT and DELETE HTTP Methods are availabe with the API Playwire.

Used to retrieve information. For example, if you want to GET back a list of videos from a publisher.


Used to create information. For example, if you want to POST a new video to a publishers account.


Used to update information. For example, if you want to PUT an updated video to a publisher.


Used to remove information. For example, if you want to DELETE a video from a publisher account.

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