Pro and Enterprise publishers with ad backfill need to submit tax forms in order to generate revenue from the Playwire platform. A W-9 or W-8 form are required in order to receive payment from Playwire. Follow the steps below to view and upload new tax forms:

Log in:


Go to Payouts Page:

  • Click “Account” in the top right of the top nav
  • Click “Account Settings” from the dropdown
  • Click the Payouts Tab
  • If you already uploaded a tax form, you will see a button labled either “View W-9” or “View W-8” depending on which form you uploaded
  • Click view to see your current tax form or go to the next step to upload a new form

Add a Tax Form:

  • Click the “New Form” button
  • After selecting the appropriate from the dropdown, you will be sent to the tax form powered by Docusign
  • Please read the Electronic Records and Signatures Disclosure and click the “I agree to use electronic records and signatures” checkbox and click continue
  • Fill in the tax form and sign the form, then scroll to the bottom and press the “Finish” button
  • After submitting a new tax form, the newly uploaded form will overwrite your old one, you can only have 1 tax form in our system at a time
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