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Manage multiple accounts under your primary Playwire account. Parent Publishers can create Sub-Accounts (Child Publishers) which allows them to manage multiple accounts which contain their own users and revenue stream accessible to the Parent Account holders.
  • Click “Admin” from the left navigation
  • Click “Publishers” from expanded menu

Add Publisher:

  • Click the “Add Publisher” button
  • Fill out the fields in the Publisher Info section
  • Create an Admin User account to manage the Publishers account
  • Click the “Create Publisher” button when you are done filling out all of the required fields
  • You will see a message reading, “Publisher was successfully created” if everything went well

Editing Information:

Once account is setup, the new sub account acts as its own Publisher. Primary Publisher may create multiple users associated with the sub-account that can only access this account. Primary Publisher can view the Sub-accounts information, but users associated with the sub-account may not view the Primary Publisher’s information.
  • After a new publisher is created, you are able to edit their information
  • By clicking the edit button, you can edit some of the publishers information
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