The Playwire Steam Plugin allows developers to easily integrate in-game advertising with their Steam Game Servers. Our plugin streamlines the development process to reward players in Steam by presenting opportunities to watch video advertising before gameplay. Currently, our plugin only supports the following game titles: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2. Follow the steps below to get up and running.

PlugIN! Installation

Please contact your Playwire Media Account Manager to obtain your customized plugin. Our plugin requires both SourceMod and MetaMod.
  • Install the SourceMod and MetaMod dependencies
  • After installing the required dependencies, locate the file your Playwire Media Account Manager gave you during onboarding
  • Using Secure Copy (scp) or the method of your choice, move the plugin .zip file onto your server in the tf2/tf/ directory
  • Unpack the plugin .zip file on your server
  • The plugin will expand several folders and files, the actual plugin file itself is called plugin.phoenix_motd.smx
  • The config file plugin.phoenix_motd.cfg is contained within the cfg folder which you will configure later in this article.
File structure where Plugin expands

PlugIN! Capabilities

PlugIn! provides Game Server owners advertising opportunities within the game experience itself. There are 2 instances:
  • Load in screen- when a player first loads up the game, a message will be displayed.
  • Load in screen- when a player first loads up the game, a message will be displayed.
Load in Screen Experience
After Death Respawn

PlugIN! Configuration

The config file plugin.phoenix_motd.cfg

playwire_phoenix_id – provided by Playwire, do not change

playwire_token – provided by Playwire, do not change

playwire_verbose_logging – when set to “1”, the server logs will contain detailed logging





Config file – plugin.phoenix_motd.cfg

// This file was auto-generated by SourceMod (v1.8.0.6040)
// ConVars for plugin "phoenix_motd.smx"

// Set domain name
// -
// Default: ""
playwire_domain_name ""

// Publisher's Phoenix ID
// -
// Default: "0"
playwire_phoenix_id "****"

// Publisher's auth token string
// -
// Default: "0"
playwire_token "****"

// Set to 1 to enable verbose logging by plugin
// -
// Default: "0"
playwire_verbose_logging "1"

// Set to 0 to disable ads on death - 1 to show ads on death - 2 to show ad on spawn
// -
// Default: "1"
playwire_ad_on_death "2"

// Set number of death for every ad
// -
// Default: "1"
playwire_ad_on_death_limit "2"

// Set minimum number of seconds between ads
// -
// Default: "0"
playwire_ad_overall_limit "300"

// Set minimum time in seconds before user can skip ad
// -
// Default: "10"
playwire_ad_skip_time "10"

// Set value for custom reporting attributes from 1 to 5 (max)
playwire_custom_reporting_value_1 "CUSTOM VALUE ONE"
playwire_custom_reporting_value_3 "CUSTOM VALUE THREE"
playwire_custom_reporting_value_5 "CUSTOM VALUE FIVE"

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