CSV/MRSS Upload Section:

The CSV/MRSS Bulk Upload tool allows you to upload multiple videos at once.
  • Log in to your Playwire account
  • Click “Videos” from the left navigation
  • Click “Upload New Video” from expanded menu

Upload CSV/MRSS:

  • Click the “CSV/MRSS Upload” tab in the Upload Videos section
  • Download the Bulk Upload Template CSV file here or click the link on the page
  • Replace the contents of the .csv file with your videos’ information
  • Drag your CSV or click and select it in the “Select CSV/MRSS File” section
  • If you see any errors, try to correct the errors and try to upload again
  • The upload progress for each video should read “Completed” and you will a message saying, “Bulk upload was successfully created”

View Uploaded Videos:

  • Click “Manage Videos” from the top navigation
  • The first several videos will be the ones you just uploaded
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