What is Ad Backfill?

With the Enterprise Partnership, you have the option to utilize Playwire’s 100% global ad fill to monetize any ad impressions you are not able to. Backfill is powered by our own ad server, so there is no additional cost to you. Additional revenue generated from backfill is split 50/50 with the publisher which can also help offset the encoding and hosting Enterprise Partnership costs.

Activating Backfill:

  • Once your prerequsites* are met, proceed to the next step
  • When you log in to Playwire, you will see a big blue button reading, “Learn more about Playwire ad backfill now!”
  • Clicking the button will activate the About Playwire Ad Backfill modal window
  • Click the “Apply now” button
  • Click the “Close” button when done
  • The Backfill button will now appear lighter and read “Backfill application received”
You must have an Enterprise Partnership to qualify for backfill. Also, make sure your credit card/payout information and tax form are entered into Playwire.

Approval Process:

  • You should receive an email with the subject, “Playwire: Backfill Application Submitted” confirming your application
  • Once approved for backfill you will receive an email confirmation to confirm your status and the website that has been approved
  • Ad backfill is now active*
Once ad backfill is active, your ad tags will always be served through your ad server and will always be called first. Playwire tags will only run if your tags return an empty response (no ads), then we will fill the ad request using our ad servers.
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