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Ad Cuepoints

The Bolt Video Player gives the ability for Publishers to monetize longer videos with mid-roll video advertising. By default, cuepoints are set to every 7 minutes. If you would like to change the default time in between mid-roll video ads, contact your Playwire Account Manager.

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Bolt Video Player

The Bolt HTML5 Video Player delivers video quickly and reliably across devices from desktop to mobile, without relying on Flash for playback. It’s easy to integrate, and primed to monetize every view.

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Uploading a Video

Playwire makes it easy to upload videos, encode them in multiple formats, and embed the videos in your websites quickly. Follow these steps to upload your videos to your account.

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Embedding Videos on Your Site

Implement a video within your website by simply pasting the embed code into your html code or website text editor. In this article, we will walk you through the steps to embed the Bolt Video Player on your website.

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Disabling Ad Blockers

Ad blocking, in its simplest form, is the process of selectively “blocking” a websites ability to download advertising resources. Most often, these resources are display or “banner” advertising, but can also include: video advertising, embedded media, social widgets and tracking beacons.

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Ad Block Detector Demo

When viewing videos on Playwire Publisher’s website with an Ad Blocker installed, users will see a warning message and will not be able to view the video content until AdBlock is disabled. In the demos below, you will view the user experience when viewing video content with and without an Ad Blocker.

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Implementing Google Analytics

Playwire’s Bolt Video Player gives Publishers the ability to integrate their Google Analytics Account (GA). Publishers can easily add their current or new GA tags to their Playwire account to track many events.

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