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Migrating From Publisher Management System

In an effort to provide our Publishers with a unified platform, we are deprecating the Publisher Management System (PMS) located at Current Publishers who use PMS for banner advertising, pre-content and reveal advertising will be moved over to the Playwire Platform where they can now manage their advertising needs in one easy-to-use interface.

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Managing Your Tax Forms

Premium publishers and Enterprise publishers with ad backfill need to submit tax forms in order to generate revenue from the Playwire platform. A W-9 or W-8 form are required in order to receive payment from Playwire.

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Managing Sub-Accounts

Manage multiple accounts under your primary Playwire account. Parent Publishers can create Sub-Accounts (Child Publishers) which allows them to manage multiple accounts which contain their own users and revenue stream accessible to the Parent Account holders.

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Creating Users and Setting Roles

For every publisher account, there may be many users. Admin Users may create unlimited users with varying roles. You can give log in access to people who manage your videos and websites with different levels of access depending on the role assigned to the user

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